Blackpool Balloon 239/702

Balloon 702 seen outside Middleton Road depot.

Blackpool Balloon 239 was built by English Electric, Preston in 1934 as a open top tram, being fully enclosed in the Early 1940’s. Upon the fleet wide renumbering in 1968 239 became 702. Seeing only occasionally use in its last few years withdrawal came at the end of the 2009 season when the tram was acquired by the MTMS.

702 left Blackpool, with fellow MTMS tram 623, in May 2010 for display at the “Museum of museums” in Trafford, Greater Manchester. Upon closure of the museum the following year 702 was transfered to outdoor, off-site storage where it remained until completion of the new Lakeside depot at Heaton Park, arriving in April 2014.

Since arriving at Heaton Park 702 has been assesed and recieved some conservation work, to combat the effects of its outdoor storage. It remains stored in Lakeside depot awaiting restoration to operational condition, regularly being displayed outside on special event days.

702, then numbered 239, being delievered in 1934 from Preston to Blackpool.