Blackpool Railgrinder 752

Blackpool Railgrinder 752

Blackpool Rail Grinder 752 was acquired by the MTMS in 2008. This surplus tram was offered to the Society when Blackpool Transport began their fleet reduction in preparation for the 2012 upgrade.

Arriving at Heaton Park in November 2008 the acquisition of 752 was celebrated with a “Works car” event held in December.

Over the following years 752 proved invaluable during construction of the Lakeside extension, carrying tools and machinery aswell as being the first tram to venture onto the various sections of line.

In August 2011, with the imminent arrival of Stockport 5 and construction of Lakeside depot not yet underway, 752 was moved to Off-site storage in Bury, remaining there until July 2013. Upon its return it was swiftly recommissioned for use on the track laying into the newly constructed depot.

With the major construction work completed 752 recieved a quick repaint in in August 2014 and and saw use on the general maintenance of the tramway until 2015 when concerns with the condition of the trams motors saw it withdrawn from use.

Today 752 remains in store in Lakeside depot with the intention to one day restore it to its original red livery and fleet number “1”.

752 in Rigby Road Depot before moving to Heaton Park.

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