The Fleet

The Trams

Manchester 765

A 1914 Manchester ‘California’ type tram.

Stockport 5

A 1901 Stockport tram.
(Currently under workshop attention come along and see progress when our museum is open)

Hull 96 / Leeds 6

A 1901 Hull tram.

Blackpool 619

Blackpool Replica Vanguard 619, rebuilt in 1987. (Recently started overhaul)

Manchester L53

A unique Eades patent reversible horse tram.(On loan to Bury Transport Museum)

Blackpool 623 (286)

A 1937 Brush car.

Blackpool 680 (280)

A 1935 Railcoach, rebuilt in 1961.

(On Loan to Blackpool Transport)

Blackpool 1 (752)

A 1920s Blackpool works car.

(Currently Out of Service)

Manchester 173 

A 1901 double deck Manchester tram.

It’s our next project once we finish Stockport 5!

Oldham 43

A 1902 single deck Oldham Corporation Tramways tram. (Stored Lakeside Depot)

Rawtenstall 23

A 1912 Rawtenstall tram.

(Stored Various Locations Heaton Park)