Tram Driver Experiences

Image courtesy of Christopher Brindle.

Would you like to drive one of our trams?

We now offer 2 different tram driving experience packages throughout the season.

Taster TDE – £25. Runs selected dates. A 30-minute session covering 2 round trips, approximately 0.5 Miles total, from Depot to Middleton Road.

Full TDE’s – £150. Five hours of driving and multiple round trips along the full length of our line. Due to volunteer availability Full TDE’s are arranged with the participant on a ad-hoc basis – speak to our team to find out more!

All TDE’s are carried out using either Hull 96 or Blackpool 619, dependant on fleet availability.

Full TDE’s begin at Middleton Road Depot where you will meet your instructor and guard for the day followed by a introduction into the tramcar. Once familiarised your driving will begin with a number of trips of our double track section from Depot to Middleton Road to get a feel for the car. Once you and your instructor are happy the instructor will take the controls and demonstrate the rest of the line to Lakeside. With a short stop for lunch in-between the rest of the day consists of driving from Middleton Road to Lakeside until 4.30pm.

Why not read this article by Christopher Brindle who did a whole a whole day experience with us.

We regret, due to the number that remain unclaimed, we are unable to continue to sale of gift vouchers for our Tram driving Experience course.

Participants must be over 21 years of age with a full driving license and be able to stand unaided for the entire session. Additional passengers are allowed for the price of a return ticket.

Our full day experiences are now being arranged on a ad-hoc basis via email rather than via the website, as this proved difficult for us around volunteer availability.
If you are interested in purchasing a Full Day Tram Driver Experience, Please email for further details

Heaton Park Tramway and its officers reserve the right to terminate any experience at any time without cause or refund.

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