***Event Canceled**

We are disappointed to advise you that our Evening Photography event has been cancelled.

This is due to an extremely low number of bookings – unfortunately, we only had a total of 7 people book for an event that requires a minimum of 20 people for the tramway to just break even on the hire of lighting equipment, preparing refreshments, fuel for the vintage bus etc. I hope you can appreciate that, as a tramway entirely operated by volunteers, we cannot afford the expenditure in the current financial climate.

This wasn’t what we expected after an event that sold out last year, and we can only apologise that this has happened and for any inconvenience this could cause for you.

Any tickets already purchased have now been refunded via paypal.

However – all is not lost. We will still be operating a tram service in line with the free Twilight Running event being operated by the Museum of Transport at Boyle St, Cheetham Hill, with their vintage buses, with the trams operating from 12:00 until 19:15 overall alongside this.

We would like to offer you free travel on the day and evening service on the trams as a way of apology for cancelling the event, alongside access to Lakeside Depot to photograph Blackpool 752 lit up, which we had prepared as the highlight of our evening event. Simply print your event confirmation/cancellation email (or have it digitally on your phone), show it to our conductor and they will issue a complimentary ticket for the day’s travel – and simply ask if one of them will take you into Lakeside whenever you wish. There is also likely to be ‘impromptu’ photo opportunities with the buses as they travel into the park to reverse.

If you aren’t travelling to the park via the vintage bus, simply arrive at the gates – during the day, the tram will collect you as normal. During the evening, our volunteer on the gate will admit you and advise the tramcar via radio to collect you from Middleton Road Gates terminus.

For more information on the bus service, please see the link below.


Once again, please accept my apologies on behalf of the Tramway, and I hope you’ll still join us for the day and evening services.

If you have any questions, please email me and I’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.

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