Updates from the workshop – August 2022

Hi All,

Apologies for no recent updates, its been a very busy year for everyone at the tramway.

With several of our younger working members studying up for exams to others who are progressing well with careers.

Here is a quick update on what has been going on in the workshop over the last few months.

First of all, our workshop has undergone a huge clean up and reorganize.

Its astounding the difference that this has made to the workshop staff, apart from now being unable to find anything 🙂

A high view of the workshop at the beginning of the sort out.
Clive and Geoff building part of the new “OPS area”
New steps being test fitted for easy access to the OPs area and benches.

The workshop floor receiving its first ever coat of paint 🙂
Stockport 5 looking at home with the new floor paint.
No Idea what’s going on here 🙂
Dave M and Geoff continuing to build the new OPs area.
Our museum also had a bit of attention with the floors being repainted and some new images being shown.
The new images shown in their new locations.
The Museum floor after receiving a new coat of paint

A lot of work has also been taking place out and about on the tramway.

New IT systems installed for CCTV and a new Image archiving server and storage.
Early in the year, during high winds, a tree fell and caught our festoon lighting on the way down.
Here we see our overhead team fixing it back up as well as breaking up the tree that had fallen.
In February, heavy rain caused some localized flooding within the park.
Lots of work has been taking place on the track, including fishplace adjustments and replacement.

April 3rd saw our first day of service for 2022 and also our 42nd birthday.

Team briefing before the start of service.
765 Sitting at the gates at Middleton Road
Staff taxi on the way back to depot for a well earned brew.

Infrastructure Painting

Our resident paint slinger, Chloe has been busy bringing our outside infrastructure back up to an outstanding standard.
Our Chief Engineer starting the unenviable task of painting the traction poles after chipping

Corporate volunteers play a key role in the tramway by providing large groups of volunteers to help tackle some of the larger jobs.

Some corporate volunteers helping us clear the bottom of the traction poles ready for chipping and painting.
Some corporate volunteers helping us clear the bottom of the traction poles ready for chipping and painting.

In June, 619 finally re-entered the workshop to continue the work that started many years ago.

New floor slatting has been installed on to the platforms to help drivers feet and for extra adhesion.
Who is that hippy pretending he knows what he’s doing 🙂
The edges being trimmed to sit flush with the steps.
619’s Breaker covers receiving a fresh coat of black paint.
619’s Breaker covers lettering.
Chloe prepping for touching up the body work.

Throughout June, July and August we have continued to operate weekend services, maintain our fleet and work on an additional tram.
This is not an easy task.

The above just highlights some of the different tasks undertaken at the tramway.

Its not all about “Ding, Ding and away”

There are hundreds of different tasks undertaken at the tramway.

If you would like to get involved with the tramway, be it guarding, driving, helping in our shop, track work, overhead work or anything of your choosing- Please get in touch.


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